The Shiseido White Lucent Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream Review:

Aging can be amazing or disastrous. You are the one to choose which experience it’s going to be yours as graceful aging also comes with great skin care. If you choose to amaze people when they ask about your age not because you look older for your age but the vice versa. It can be stressful to keep wrinkles and dark circles at bay. You could decide to prevent them entirely but once in a while you’ll slip a little to the dark circles side especially with the crazy late nights working. The only safe and practical remedy that will remain leads you to a strenuous search of the best under eye treatment.

Will you make it to the right one? No one knows but at least this review will give you an option to put to consideration. Or maybe you’ll be already sold by the time you are done reading. The Shiseido White Lucent Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream promises to improve brightness around the eyes by targeting two major dark causes which are pigmentation and poor blood circulation. The product claims that it will restore the natural shine to the eyes by removing the dark circles and any other discoloration around the eyes’ skin. How? We are definitely going to dig deep into this product’s origin, the good and the worst information about it. It could be the best product for dark circles under eyes.

Company of Shiseido White Lucent Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream

The company that produces this product is known as Shiseido. This company which has been around for more than a century has definitely built credibility. The products they make are out of the research that has been made for more than their existence years. They have been dealing with skin and hair care products that have proven to be effective on most instances due to their over the years’ experience.

For that reason, any product that is produced by the innovative ideas of this company is trusted to be safe and effective. However, it doesn’t mean that their products are always accurate on every skin type. No. They have a great reputation but the product’s qualities are what will make you choose if it will be the best under eye cream for dark circles for you. Trust is a bonus.

Ingredients and It’s Features

Ingredients and It’s Features


Humectant-rich Super Hydro-Synergy Complex N content in the product enables instant hydration of the skin while sealing the moisture to achieve a long-term hydrated skin.


Which traps all the moisture the skin can handle. This will definitely keep the skin hydrated enough to plump it hence reducing the appearance of dark circles. It also makes the cream easily spreadable for maximum velvety feel.

Sodium hyaluronate:

It is another key ingredient that focuses on tightening the skin. In case the skin appears wrinkly, dark circles seem more pronounced. This ingredient works on the skin to make it fuller and tighter hence fading dark circles and making the product one of the best eye wrinkle treatment.

Sodium Citrate:

The product includes sodium citrate as a key ingredient whose organic properties greatly benefit the skin. This organic compound contains brightening properties that benefit the erasing of dark circles. This contributes to the product being the best product for dark circles under eyes.

Myristyl myristate:

It is also another whitening ingredient that benefits the skin by fading the dark circles. It is completely natural and safe to use.


  • This product is dermatologist-tested hence proving of Shiseido-exclusive dark circle diminisher to be safe for use.
  • The product is also ophthalmologist tested to prove that it is safe for use on the around eye skin as well as the rest of the eye parts.
  • The product can be applied beneath makeup. Due to its velvety appearance, it actually enhances the looks of makeup.
  • It is effective for young adults and even aged seniors. Even a person in their 20’s will benefit from this product as it will maintain the youthful appearance.
  • A little bit of this product goes a long way and hence one can use one package for a long time.


  • It is not a quick fix for dark circles.
  • It doesn’t eliminate some dark circles caused by conditions that are not contained by the cream’s ingredients.
  • It is a bit too costly.
  • The jar packaging makes it easy to contaminate the cream compared to the usage of a tube.

How To Apply Shiseido White Lucent Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream?

Shiseido White Lucent Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream?

Take a small amount of the cream by use of spatula and shift it to your fingertips (this is to ensure that there is no contamination by direct dipping of the finger). Gently glide the cream around the eyes. Starting from the upper inner corner and winding up on the lower corner, massage the product gently to absorb. Do it all around the eyes and repeat the gentle massage uniformly. It is recommended you repeat the massage 6 times in the gentlest way you can due to the eye’s delicate nature. It is recommended that you apply the product twice every day for the best product for dark circles under eyes results. Note that application of this product should be your last step in your skin care routine. Unless it’s daytime and you need to apply sunscreen.

User satisfaction:

User satisfaction

When it comes to fulfilling the user’s needs, this product made sure it provides a specific remedy for dark circles. The cream solution approaches the dark circles problem by their causes. The main root cause of dark circles is lack of sleep, at least that’s what most people suffer from. When one lacks sleep, circulation of the blood to the eye becomes deficient because of fatigued vessels. This cream therefore dilates the vessels and focuses on micro-circulation which in turn eases the dark circles and with regular use, prevents them. This is where this product’s solution meets the root causing problem and satisfies the user and possibly becomes their best product for dark circles.

Another main cause of dark circles is the sun rays. Unlike other parts of the face, the skin around the eyes is super delicate. Because of this, when subjected to sun, the area around the eyes discolors to form dark circles. This product combats this challenge by providing all day moisturization to the area around the eyes. Some hydrating ingredients in the cream create a barrier and the sun can no longer affect the delicate skin.

Conclusion: Does the Shiseido White Lucent Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream really work?

The major benefits of this cream show that it truly works. Just not in the way everyone thinks it can. The customer reviews on this product shows two possible results where some are frustrated by the null results of dark circles removal while others are elated that they got the best under eye dark circle remover cream.  However, both assumptions are not entirely correct.

This cream is less of a dark circle corrector and more of a preventer. The mechanism of how it works is quite more focused on avoiding dark circles with regular use. That’s why people with already chronic dark circles feel like the product is doing nothing for them. You can go back to user satisfaction to clarify how this cream meets the user’s needs.

We can wrap this up by saying that this product is a dark circles combatant which cannot remove but reduces already existing mature dark circles. This product is recommended for people who have started seeing slight dark circles and want to avoid further damage.

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