The Olay eyes, Eye Lifting Serum by Olay Review:

Eyes are one of the most important part of the face. The first impression when you meet someone is made by the eyes. This vital part is also one of the most vulnerable, equipped with a tender skin to move according to thoughts and feelings. As much as this delicate around eye skin reveals the deepest thoughts, it also reveals the darkest moments through dark circles and wrinkles. No one likes them as they ruin the beauty of the eyes. Lucky enough, there is a remedy for them. The best under eye treatment creams.

Olay eyes, Eye Lifting Serum could be your choice of eye cream for dark circles and wrinkle treatment. Whether it would be, you’ll be finding out soon. This product promises to provide anti-aging by combining the smoothening and anti-blemish power of its ingredients to achieve a youthful appearance. As its name suggests, the product claims to lift your eyes by firming the sagging skin around them. Let’s dig in for the products good and bad to see if it delivers its claims.

Company of Olay eyes, Eye Lifting Serum

Olay eyes

When choosing a beauty product, knowing the company’s credibility is truly paramount. If taken for granted, one could be cheated by paid reviews and product promises. The product could either ruin their skin or make no changes. This product is made by the Olay company which is widely known for its passion for helping women take care of their skin with the right products. It focuses on producing products based on the science of ageless beauty.

The company has existed for decades and has built a foundation of trust with its millions of customers. On their website, Olay states that they try different products on over 8,000 women’s skin to prove their safety and effectiveness. They also include information about the anatomy of skin beauty so a user can deduce what they need. This helps many people and it shows that they lay the information out there trusting that their customers would make the right choice on their best under eye treatment.


Ingredients and It’s Features


traps moisture and hydrates the skin. This plumps the around eyes skin and reduces fine lines which could cause wrinkles. This ingredient also builds a protective barrier that prevents the skin from being harmed by external conditions.

Green Tea Extract:

The product also contains green tea extract which acts as an antioxidant as well as a protector of the eye skin against radicals.


Niacinamide is another ingredient in this product which provides strengthening of the around eyes skin. It is used to make eye cream for dark circles due to its anti-blemish properties and ability to reduce pores hence tightening of the skin to achieve a younger supple appearance.

Tocopheryl Acetate

Tocopheryl Acetate is another key ingredient in the product which also acts as a moisturizer and an anti-inflammatory hence giving the eyes a less puffy look.

Titanium Dioxide:

Titanium Dioxide is another ingredient that this product benefits from due to its whitening power. It enhances the brightening of dark circles which in turn improve the eyes’ dull appearance to a luminous look.


Contains Allantoin which improves the texture of the skin by healing it. It is a great ingredient for neutralizing irritation which is beneficial for making an eye cream for sensitive skin.


Contains Polyacrylamide which not only reduces wrinkles but also cleans in the process. This ingredient provides deep moisturization which is vital for wrinkle removal.


Olay eyes, Eye Lifting Serum
  • It is fragrance free.
  • The ingredients constitute of well researched effective substances for maximum results.
  • Reveals a more glowing appearance of the skin.
  • It absorbs really fast into the skin and makes it hydrated enough to pull through the day.
  • Reduces puffiness by plumping the skin around the eyes and providing microcirculation.
  • The product includes mineral pigments in its formula which creates a golden pigment that improves eye brightness.
  • Best for oily skin as well as combination because of its neutral moisturizing properties.


  • Does not make a significant eye lift appearance
  • It is not clinically tested by an ophthalmologist and so it could be harmful to other parts of the eye.
  • The product does not provide a quick fix for dark circles and other around eye skin issues.

How to use Olay eyes, Eye Lifting Serum?

Olay eyes, Eye Lifting Serum

It is advised to apply this product twice a day, morning and evening. After cleansing the face, place the serum around the eyes and massage it gently until completely absorbed. You should pay more attention to existing dark circles and wrinkles for uniform skin regeneration. After applying this under eye wrinkle treatment, you can apply any other products like makeup which lay perfectly on the around eye skin due to the degravitation of the skin.

User satisfaction

When it comes to satisfying the user’s needs as it promises, this product doesn’t necessarily do it completely. The promise of eye lifting falls short. The product just relaxes the eye contour but doesn’t lift the eyes enough to be significant. However, for its price, the other significant results that the user can achieve are worth it.

lay eyes, Eye Lifting Serum

This product will diminish dark circles using its anti-blemish properties. They are also safe to use because a major concern regarding anti-blemish ingredients are their safety. The product also removes puffiness by consistently plumping the around eye skin through hydration. Many users have seen a major improvement in dark circles and eye puffiness.

As for aging which is a major concern, this product reduces the wrinkles by a great deal. Whether they are slight fine lines or full-blown wrinkles, this product is the best wrinkle cream as many users state it in their personal reviews. The product content of lightening boosters explain why it works so well as an anti-aging cream. Users of this product will be satisfied by an improvement that could happen after 2 to 6 weeks depending on one’s skin type.

Conclusion: Does  Olay eyes, Eye Lifting Serum by Olay really work?

This question is greatly determined by the type of skin you have and how you need the product. For those who want a lift of stubborn sagging skin, this under eye wrinkle treatment would not be of any help. It only relaxes the eye contour by providing a smoother texture.

This cream is best at smoothing fine lines and wrinkles while diminishing dark circles. This provides an antiaging effect that can be maintained by continuous use of the product. The price of the serum is reasonable enough compared to other related products and also its results. The product also has different duration of results and some negative reviews could be because the user didn’t maintain usage long enough.

To wrap it all up, we can say that Olay eyes, Eye Lifting Serum by Olay is a great product which controls anti-aging by fading wrinkles and dark circles to achieve a smooth textured, glowing eye contour. The product is recommended for any age but is most effective on younger skin so as to maintain the vibrant youthful look.

Score of Eye Lifting Serum by Olay: 4.2/5

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