The Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream with Anise Review

Aging is beautiful but it can be scary too. When the 30-year mark strikes, wrinkles target you like never before and you eventually start making sense of eye creams. It doesn’t have to be that age though for you to experience various skin shortcomings. If your life hasn’t accumulated to 30 years yet, there is no need to wait for the scary bits. Eye care can start now by using the best under eye treatment. That’s where the problem starts. Which one should you use that is safe yet effective? A natural product is where you could start from and today might be your lucky day.

Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream is a naturally made product specially designed to care for the delicate area around the eye. It is rich in ingredients that fade dark circles, puffiness while toning and firming the skin at the same time. That’s not what you have been looking for. It’s more than what you’ve been desperately needing. An everyday feel of natural refreshment and a wow look. So, what makes this product so intensely powerful?

Company of Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream

A decision to purchase a product is widely determined by the company that made it. The question of credibility is majorly vital when purchasing beauty products. Has the company been supplying petroleum products with the claim of nature and purity? Are their products really safe? Those are some of the concerns any potential user might have.

This product is made by the famous Forest Essential company based in India. This company makes their products basing their nature on the Ayurvedic standard of ‘’If you cannot eat it, do not use on skin’’. Their products basically depend on the skin nourishment natural plants extracts from the local forests.

Like many of their products, Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream is traditionally made from natural plant extracts fused in organic oils. They have provided the best eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles in the ultimate natural form.

Ingredients and its Benefits:

1-Olive and Almond oil 

This product was traditionally made with effective yet delicate herbs that were infused with natural oils such as olive and almond oil. These natural ingredients ensure safety of the around eye skin due to its delicate nature. People with sensitive skin can find this product useful without risking their skin safety.


The product provides a perfect under eye wrinkle treatment due to the presence of Anise in it. Anise removes fine lines that could be on the eye contour and repairs damaged skin to achieve a glowing, youthful appearance. This ingredient also has antiseptic properties that would also come in handy in combating bacteria and other harmful substances that could be in contact with the skin.

3-Cucumber extract

The product also includes cucumber extract which is widely known for its dark circles elimination. Cucumber extract also makes the cream super soothing upon application. This makes the cream to not only eliminate the dark circles but also provide a spa effect when used.

4-Aloe vera extract

Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, aloe vera extract in the product makes it super useful in reducing puffiness. Sleepless nights could cause regular swelling but with regular use of this product, that problem is long forgotten. Puffiness is never a pretty look and a product that keeps it at bay is extremely beneficial.


As if the goodness is not enough, this product also includes papaya extract. Papaya is widely known for its anti-blemish properties. It is also antiseptic hence it can fight bacteria that comes in contact with the around eye skin. This ingredient highly contributes to the product being the best product for dark circles under eyes.


It is also used to provide anti-bacterial uses as well as safely preserving the product.

7-Potato starch

It is another significant ingredient in this product. It promotes the removal of dark circles around the eyes and also mildly brightens the skin to achieve a natural color due to its bleaching properties.


With the bigger ingredient percentage being Aqua, this product provides extra hydration to the skin. This is in turn vital to wrinkle removal that could be as a result of dryness.


  • Above all these product provides an overall healthy appearance of the eyes which are one of the most vital part of the face. The natural extracts infused with natural oils traditionally make this product a super safe option with great results.

  • The cream is effective yet not too greasy to be annoying. It spreads with a buttery feel leaving the skin soft and supple in the long term. Unlike many hydrating creams, this product feels great on the skin with no possible irritation.
  • The benefits of this product are high up the radar which makes it the best natural eye cream for sensitive skin. It can be recommended to all skin types ranging from thin and sensitive to thick. With this in your skin care routine, what more could you possibly need?


  • The packaging is not hygienic or even easy to travel with either.
  • The product is quite costly.
  • In contrary with the claim that it’s the best under eye dark circle remover cream, it doesn’t remove them entirely. It fades them but they still appear less conspicuously.

Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream: How to apply?

When applying, a little goes a long way so there’s no need to smudge the face with layers of the product. Apply small dots around the eye and gently massage distributing from the outer corner working your way inwards. You only need a tiny amount that you’ll massage for a minute and you’ll start seeing absorption happening gradually. After that, you can greet the day with confidence.

User satisfaction:

As many eye cream customers desperately search for safe products that are also effective, this product was made with all their needs in consideration. The natural blemish removers aid in fading of dark circles without harming the skin. The user’s safety concerns are relieved the moment they see the ingredient list. Unlike other products, this cream’s list of ingredients is clear to understand their respective use as they are the commonly available natural ingredients around us.

The familiarity of the ingredients instantly assures the user that it’s all going to get better. As soon as they start applying, they not only look better but also feel better. This is the ultimate feeling the best under eye treatment could offer. A product which makes you not only look better but also feel great is a product worth investing in.

Conclusion: Does Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream really work?

Although quite costly, it is worth it. Investment in our skin is something we’ll do at some point but instead of trying and failing our skin hence causing damage, a long-term relationship with this product will be one of the best decisions we can ever make. It is safe, effective and worth its value.

Up front evidence that this product works is all over the internet. Many positive personal reviews show that this product is just what you may need. The cream also works for all skin types due to its non-greasy nature. So, the answer to if this cream really works,

Yes, it does.

Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream Scoere: 3.7/5

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