The Clinique All About Eyes Review:

You could have gone out for the night and a few cocktails here and there, you come home and throw yourself on the bed climaxing the night with deep sleep. No matter how many hours you spend sleeping it off, you wake up to a frustrating hangover and after treating it, you head for the mirror to see how messed up you look. And you confirm how distorted you look but your eyes stand out. Not because they have maintained their pretty form but because they seem the most affected. What’s the remedy? You wonder.

Dark circles and puffy eyes do not have to be caused by drinking your brains out, they have become a normal phenomenon among many today. They totally ruin looks and in turn lower self-esteem. That’s why eye creams are made and missing out on Clinique All About Eyes cream is something you don’t want to do. This cream fades under eye dark circles and the puffy appearance that comes with.

This product depuffs by the use of products that improve circulation while it removes dark circles with whitening ingredients. It also claims to have the best anti aging night cream qualities that diminish dry skin that brings up wrinkles. Let’s dig out how this product makes all that happen. It’s a no-nonsense thorough look at the product qualities.

Company of Clinique All About Eyes

The reputation of the manufacturer is one vital factor to consider when purchasing a beauty product. For Clinique All About Eyes, it won’t be any different. The more popular a manufacturer is, the less risky their product can be. This product was made by Clinique company which has been existing since the 60’s. Yeah, way back.

The company’s focus is on skin care in which they create products that help one achieve their best look. Their credibility is beyond question because apart from their ape-like existence, they have built a strong foundation with trust. It can be seen all over the internet as regular customers reveal how stuck they are and will be with the brand.

Ingredients of Clinique All About Eyes

-This product is good for all kinds of skins. Whether normal, oily, dry, combined or even sensitive skin, this product was made for all.


It is a product ingredient that works as a protector. It also makes the cream flow gracefully hence the buttery feel while applying. This creates a soothing effect on the user.

Wheat Germ and Tea Extracts:

Wheat germ and tea extracts in the product softens the skin to achieve a silky feel. They do this by their nature of increasing circulation around the eyes which in turn nourishes the skin and depuffs while reducing dark circles.

Shea butter:

The product contains natural oils like shea butter which hydrates and moisturizes the skin around the eyes. This has a huge impact to why it is the best under eye dark circle remover cream.

Sodium Hyaluronate:

This is another ingredient in the product which hydrates the skin around the eyes while sealing moisture. This causes instant relief from dry skin and hence reduces discoloration.

Mulberry Root:

Extract in the product aids in toning the around eye skin while also combating radicals.

Olive Fruit Extract:

Olive Fruit Extract in the creamy gel provides suppleness and prevents dryness that could cause puffiness and eventual aging.


  • This constituent also possesses anti-aging properties that make the product beneficial in the long term.
  • The product is made to be a soft but creamy gel that can be used under make up. It actually makes the makeup relax more exquisitely on the eye contour.
  • This product doesn’t irritate the skin regardless of its anti-blemish qualities. This is beneficial to those with sensitive skin who bail on most products due to irritation. This could be their right choice of the best eye cream for sensitive skin.
  • No fragrances to worry about. It is designed to work and attract and not vice versa.
  • It is tested by ophthalmologist and proven to be safe for all eye parts.
  • The product contains no parabens. No worry of this cancer-causing monster which makes it one of the best under eye treatment.


  • Isostearyl Palmitate in the product could clog pores and cause acne if used in large amounts.
    Many customers claim that it does not entirely remedy their dark circles.
  • It’s quite costly for its amount.
    It doesn’t work effectively for the already aged skin I.e. 40-year-old person.

How to use Clinique All About Eyes?

How to use Clinique All About Eyes?

Apply a small amount of this cream using your fingers (a little goes a long way). Massage gently with your fingers from the outer corner working your way to the inner parts ensuring not to miss any spots. Gently massage for about a minute and then let the silky feel sink in. To achieve the best product for dark circles results, it’ll be best if you apply twice daily. In the evening to wake up flawless and in the morning to refresh the look.

User Satisfaction

What are the needs that Clinique All About Eyes meets? The problem that many people’s faces are facing are eyes that look like they carry dead weight. The tensions and dark times show heavily with puffy eyes, dark circles and premature aging eventually. However, no matter how many late work nights one can have, they can wake up 4 hours later looking like they had 8 hours of sleep. Upon application of this product at night, the skin around the eyes rejuvenates and promotes vibrant looking eyes in the morning.

User Satisfaction

The recommendation that the product should be applied twice a day is to enable restoration of the vibrance. With the use of this product early enough, premature aging can be kept at bay. This product is safe for any young person and its effectiveness is more pronounced in the younger years. Many young adults worry about which one is the best eye cream for dark circles and bags. One which won’t spoil their youthfulness but maintain it before it’s too late. Well, this is the ultimate solution as it targets a young skin to restore its texture and tight contour.

Conclusion: Does the Clinique All About Eyes really work?

This product has been claimed to remove dark circles and puffiness. It has also been claimed to possess qualities of the best eye wrinkle treatment. Is that entirely true? Well, not entirely. With the research made with the product’s formula and feedback from customer reviews, it can be concluded that this product is not a dark circle combatant. It could fade some dark circles but it sure cannot remove them entirely.

However, news brightens up when it comes to puffiness. This product can work on puffiness on any type of skin. This is evident in many personal customer reviews indicating the great time they have had and want to still have with the product. This product could be the best eye cream for puffiness but it’s definitely not the best cream for dark circles. As for the antiaging properties, this creamy gel will be useful to someone with slight fine lines rather than one with mature aging signs.

We can say that the Clinique All About Eyes cream is a great moisturizer that removes puffiness and restores the youthfulness of the skin by relaxing the eye contour.

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