The Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Eye Review:

Men’s cosmetics can be strenuous to find. And if you do find, many are just more of market targeting products than them truly serving the purpose. However, in the sea of numerous solutions to men’s skin problems, there are drops of remedies that Biotherm Homme Total Recharge can offer. This product has all the qualities masculinity could ask for.

Starting from the packaging, the looks were thought hard bearing masculine features in mind. However, that is not necessarily important as the product’s aim is to combat the problems of a strong male skin. This product promises to fade blemishes while nourishing and protecting the skin. All this usefulness in one product? You wonder. So, what are the features of this under eye wrinkle treatment product really?

Company of Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Eye:

You could be excited by this product but you may hesitate to check it out because you are unfamiliar with the brand. That shouldn’t be a problem as the Biotherm Homme company is as credible as it can be. The company existed since the 80’s so it’s probably not one of the shady newbies.

Since its existence, this company has been producing the common men’s skin solutions to the common problems. They have made acne combatants to skin firmness products and everything in between, including this product. What makes them good at what they do? It is a firm led by men who experience normal skin issues and they strive to discover the safe remedies to achieve a healthy look.

Not only are their products made for masculine skins but also look masculine in packaging. However, unlike other businesses which focus on having a straight up marketing package, they decide to go for the underdog look where the product will sell instead of the look.

Ingredients and It’s Features:

This product has beneficial ingredients that could change and maintain a balanced natural look of the skin especially the highly significant eyes.


It is widely known for its restructuring properties that makes it highly effective for blemishes removal and natural skin regeneration. This is why this product quickly removes the dry skin and restores the natural healthy skin.


Which reduces cortisol levels, maintains the balance of hormones and improves the overall appearance of the skin. As a result, the skin gets to regenerate with a natural look of freshness and youthful appearance.


Which is widely known for its power to dilate blood vessels hence reducing redness. Its presence makes the product act as an anti-inflammatory substance hence the reduction of redness and puffiness.


It is also another major ingredient in this product. This ingredient promotes trapping and retention of moisture which in turn leads to skin elasticity and smooth texture.

These ingredients and other skin helpful constituents in the gel product makes its qualities like that of the best under eye cream and hence vital for the following benefits.

Advantages of Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Eye:

Diminishes dullness

When experiencing an intense hangover, sleepless work nights or whatever it may be, the skin around the eye could discolor enough to show your dark moments. The tensions a man experiences during the daily work activities can be evident in their eyes. However, it can always be a forgotten dream with the use of this product. The Sericoside in the product brightens the skin and improves the exuberance like you just experienced a relaxing holiday.

Supplies energy to the skin

The skin is paramount in the strength of a man not only in looks but feeling. On application of this product, a soothing effect with an equally restored energy settles in and you instantly feel energized. This reflects a stronger and more natural look that you possess in your best times. Regular use of this product will eventually restore your strong skin nature and maintain it at its best.

Restores health to weak eyes

When it comes to healthy looking skin, many people don’t understand how it happens. The skin looks healthy when there is a balance of color, hydration and brightness. Too much of any of these spoils it all. This product restores your natural color with sericoside, retains strength with caffeine and improves overall appearance with magnesium. This is all thanks to the composition of this product.

Removes redness

The worst thing that can ever happen is when the skin becomes red for specific reasons and when you try to apply tan mimicking products they smudge on your collar. How frustrating?!! That’s never a thing with this product. Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Eye removes redness while it restores your color, a ‘’am from the beach’’ look surfaces. Not only is it a look saver, it adds a more natural look without exaggerating.

Disadvantages Of

Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Eye:

  • This product could be irritating on sensitive skin. Some of the ingredients could cause allergic reactions and mess up one’s eyes.
  • The product claims to relax the eye contour completely and maintain the skin at its best but it mildly relaxes the skin to a quite appealing appearance.
  • The magnesium content in the product could be helpful in trapping moisture but it also could trap other unwanted particles that could cause harm to the skin.

How to use the product effectively:

Biotherm: How to use the product effectively?

For maximum results, you should regularly apply this product on daily basis. This could be in the morning, the evening, or both. Each and every time you apply, it is important to avoid contact with the eyes. It is advised to apply carefully on the eye contour from the outer working inwards.

Customer satisfaction:

There’s nothing more refreshing than a product that is just what you need. The best under eye treatment is what you need and deserve in a product. The Biotherm Homme Total Recharge is the remedy and companion for your dark circles. Magnesium is best when applied in slight amounts and with this product, that’s what you’ll definitely get. You’ll battle the dark circles that could occur upon slight changes in routines.

That’s not all. The eye contour will relax and look its best as if you were having a spa day. That’s a look you could yearn for on daily basis. You can’t go for a spa day everyday but you can apply this product for the same instant results every single day. You could be tired but the next day project presentation is a must do. No one has to know you are tired and the moment you apply this product to look vibrant, you instantly feel what you look.

Caffeine could be something you could include in your mask as it has color restoration properties but that would be strenuous. This product contains caffeine which will reduce the after sleep swelling effects while restoring color to your eyes. This product was clearly made for a great user experience. Skin health restoration and maintenance is truly useful and needful for any man and this product promises to give it all. What more could you ask for?


Conclusion; Is Biotherm Homme Total Recharge really worth it?


With all the benefits this product provides, it is more than fair to call it the best product for dark circles under eyes. It will serve like a daily skin care routine that gives no headache to maintain and gives a massage effect to a man. This product is a beauty investment worth its value. Not only will you be boosting your skin’s health now but also will be creating a replenished long-term healthy skin. Male skin can be tough and its issues hard to combat with normal beauty products. This product was however created to not only restore suppleness to the tough skin nut also maintain it with the right constituents.

Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Score: 4/5

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